Sir Hoy Recommended Sheffield And It Is Chosen

According to the recommendation of Sir Chris the Olympic hero Chris Hoy, Sheffield has been selected the host city for event of major cycling.

There are 13 cities all over the United States, which will host the event and Sheffield is one of them. The event City Ride is going to take place this summer with an objective to motivate and encourage people of different abilities and ages to take their bikes and be the part of the event. The event schedule for 16 July and will be organized at the city center.

Because of being Sunday, it is expected more people will come and take part in the event. The course is family-friendly and a range of stalls can be seen there all with the objective of promoting cycling. However, till date route of the course has not been announced, it will be done when the time will come closer. (more…)

Dario Cioni wants Thomas to perform well

Dario Cioni, Team Sky’s sports director has said that for Thomas to perform well in the Girod’Italia time trials, he would need to be really strong on the climbs.

For the past couple of seasons, Thomas has set a larger percentage of his focus on stage racingwith the aim of challenging the overall in a Grand Tour.

In 2016, he largely sacrificed the spring campaign despite a plethora of strong performances in the Classics. He finally was able to secure the biggest victory of his career so far at Paris-Nice last March.

“He really wants to give it a shot yes, and maybe we’ll see. He needs to be really strong on the climbs, he’s done it in the past and he’s done it even passing through the Classics [campaign], which is not the best preparation.”

In the last five years, Team Sky has won the Tour de France four times. However, they have been very much unable to secure victories in both the Girod’Italia time trials and Vueltaa Espana. (more…)


Floyed Landis who was stripped of his 2006 tour de France title has expressed his believe that riders who are involved in doping will always have an advantage over other riders.

He currently runs a marijuana business and specializes in vape and edible products containing cannabis oil. With a large plantation, based in Colorado, where the drug is legal.

Speaking in an interview with the L’Equipe who recently featured him with respect to his new business venture, the focus of their discussion slowly digressed to cycling. He recounted some of the events of the past, and gave his opinion on the current state of cycling affairs.

Landis has described the current anti-doping measures as a ‘mafia’ system, he further established that those who are involved in the doping will always be a step ahead of those trying to catch them.

‘I cn guarantee you that not one athlete has confidence in the system’ says former the rider.

He claims that doping will always be in the system; hence the system will never be clean. And that he and other athletes have lost confidence in the system.

“I can guarantee you that not one athlete has confidence in the system. But no one wants to say so for fear of what would happen to them, because whoever dares do so could return a positive test within six months. It’s a mafia, exactly like the IOC”. (more…)

Contador To Race Giro Without Riis

For the first time in 4 years, Alberto Contador would be racing Giro & Tour France without Riis- the man who has been his mentor & confidante. Tough times ahead for the Spanish great as he would be surely missing out on the exclusive tips and boost from his loving guide.

Riis & Contador were like joined at hip since the year 2011, the very year when Alberto signed up with Riis’ outfit Tinkoff-Saxo. The former Tinkoff owner & manager stuck by the Spanish rider during the controversial clenbuterol issue & Alberto too paid back his loyal mentor with great triumphs at Vuelta Espana 2012 & 2014.

The 32-year recently renewed his contract with Tinkoff that would have him in the squad through 2016. The contract he signed was mostly given his confidence & trust in Riis.

Ironically, Riis is just gone- brutally pushed off by Oleg Tinkov, the contemporary team owner. Contador is naturally flummoxed with Riis’ sudden departure from the team & he is quite unsure that how the instability at top would affect the performances.

Given his such close camaraderie with the erstwhile Tinkoff owner-manager, it is natural that he would be asked about his knowledge on why the man was fired by Tinkov. But the Spanish star had repeatedly claimed that he is completely clueless about the entire issue. (more…)